Friday, March 31, 2006

Who are these people?

How many of you can ID these runners?


More photos scanned 4/14/06 & added


These pictures were taken in the 1980's

MTC Feb 1987 Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler

MTC Archives 1982 Slide show of Portland Road Race

We think this was a Portland Road Race.  The slides are stamped Aug82r7

Added Aug82r12 on April 1, 2006


Does any one know  te date of this race?  Was it in Portland, Maine?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Eastern States 10 - Miler Maine Finishers

Run for the Border 10 Miler

Salisbury, MA, March 26, 2006



Place Name                  Div/Tot  Ag Num   S City/st         Time    Pace 

===== ===================== ======== == ===== = =============== ======= =====

   8 Sheri Mccarthy-Piers    1/20   34   888 F Falmouth ME     1:01:40  6:10

  11 Ryan Stoddard           5/18   30   940 M Scarborough ME  1:05:16  6:32

  12 Randy Spencer           3/21   44   937 M Yarmouth ME     1:05:52  6:36

  18 David Sheehan           8/18   34   932 M Portland ME     1:07:51  6:48

  21 Beth Lindquist          2/20   39   879 F Kittery ME      1:09:00  6:54

  23 Wayne Piers             6/21   45   913 M Falmouth ME     1:10:08  7:01

  41 Ricky Leconte           8/21   47   878 M Oldorchardbeach 1:20:58  8:06

  45 Linda Whitten           5/30   48   948 F Gorham ME       1:22:02  8:13

  54 Philip Stuart           7/14   58   941 M Machias ME      1:24:19  8:26

  55 Michael Donaghy         8/14   55   840 M Kennebunkport M 1:24:24  8:27

  56 Meaghan Donaghy         5/21   22   839 F Portland ME     1:24:25  8:27

  64 Sherry Missig           2/10   55   899 F Yarmouth ME     1:27:20  8:44

  75 Sarah Campbell         10/21   25   819 F Portland ME     1:29:51  9:00

  78 Michael Werrell         8/10   28   945 M Gorham ME       1:30:10  9:01

  80 Michelle Durgin         9/20   35   845 F Westbrook ME    1:30:36  9:04

  92 Nicole Patterson       12/20   31   910 F Kittery ME      1:32:39  9:16

  97 Joshua Sammon           9/10   24   928 M Portland ME     1:34:13  9:26

  98 Gallit Sammon          13/20   33   929 F Liberty MA      1:34:13  9:26

  13 Aaron Engebreth        15/18   31   849 M Portland ME     1:39:48  9:59

 114 Dan Hale               16/18   31   859 M Kittery ME      1:39:48  9:59

 136 Miranda Smith          29/30   44   936 F Harpswell ME    1:51:37 11:10


Sunday, March 26, 2006

MTC Sunday Group Run at Pineland Farms

Two Runs to pick from at the Pineland Farms on Sunday morning.


Today I join with the the Maine Track Club road runners again and we did 10 miles on the road.  e-mail

if you would want to be added to the mailing list

The other group does the trail runs but I do not know who the contact person is for that group.

Friday, March 24, 2006

1986 Mid Winter 10 Miler & other Races

Mid Winter 10 Miler & Cape Challenge

MTC Carousel Tray #5  from the MTC Archives

Photos of the Great Pumpkin 10K road Race.

These photos were taken from the MTC Archive slides collection and with help courtesy of the HP Scanner at the Androscoggin Historical Society at the County Court House in Auburn, Maine we were able to recover these images.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Maine National Bank Run for Fun 5 Miler

This race was held on 22 June 1986 in Portland, Maine.  Sorry we do not have better photos to show you. We do have results of the Maine Track Club members who finished the race courtesy of the Charles Scribner collection (News*Runs page 14 of the July 1986 issue)

If you have better photos who would like to share please contact: Maggie Soule

by mail: 142 Portland Street Yarmouth, Maine

Monday, March 20, 2006

MTC Awards Banquet on 23rd Jan 1988

This photo collection of the MTC Awards Banquet held on 23 Jan 1988 was courtesy of  Marie Wood of Gorham, Maine

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Flash Back to 1988 to see the MTC Mid Winter 10 Miler

These are the unpublished MTC Mid Winter 10 Mile Classic photos. None of these photos were  used in the MTC Newsletter. To see the others that were use check out the 1988  March/April issue of the MTC Newsletter.

It is our understanding that these photos were taken in B & W. The photos for thr most part were landscape photos.  These photos have used cropping and enlarging to try to get a better look of  who is in the photos.

MTC Fun Run at Pineland Farms 19 March 2006

Members of the fun run every Sunday morning starting from the parking lot of the YMCA at Pineland Farms.


Today I joined them on one of their 10+ mile runs.

Mark Hoffmaster Memorial 5 Miler 07-13-86

Photographs by Dennis J Connelly Sr, part of of the Maine Track Club Archives

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bath Triathlon 7-6-1986

Photos from the archives of the Maine Track Club

Flash Back to Freeport, Maine in 1986

LL Bean's 10K  Road Race on July 4, 1986 at Freeport, Maine

Photos are from the files of the Maine Track Club

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bowdoin & Back 10 Miler Race 1986

Don Penta has given us some help telling us who is in the photos posted.

We still need help with the others still not named.

We understand that the 10 Mile race held for a number of years in the month of Aug was started in 1978. 

Don Penta writes:

 "Good Sports" 10 Miler was the  same event. The "Good Sports" was
a running store in Brunswick that sponsored the event for a number of years. When the Good Sports pulled out of the event and eventually went out of business,  the event name was changed to "Bowdoin, Run to the Coast and Back" 10 Miler. That was when the MTC took over the management of the event, but it was more complicated than that. The MTC basically did the timing and someone in Brunswick independent of the MTC managed the finances and registration. The event folded when the Brunswick person pulled out and the Club couldn't find a Brunswick local MTC member to take over that part of the event. "
 Photos #23 to 27 might be friom a different year.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Great Maine 15K Race 6-8-86

Don Penta tells us who was who.

Maine-ly Ladies (a Flash Back to 15 June 1985)

The the 7th Annual Maine- Ly Ladies Race held back on 15 June 1986

at Ferry Beach State Park in Saco, Maine was covered by Don Penta

Monday, March 13, 2006

Kerrymans Pub 5k in Saco, Maine March 12, 2006

Photos by Don Penta

The first five photo are courtesy of the Maryswalk web site. Please be sure to visit it to see if you can find your photo.

See photos on Maryswalk web site



RRCA Awards Banquet at Houston, TX

More RRCA Convention Photos

Taken after the Bayou City 10K on Sat 11 March 2006

Bayou City Classic 10K Race at RRCA in Houston, TX

Photos of David Colby Young are at the photo race web site

My bib number was 1337


Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Penta's View of the Irish Road Rover 5K

Don P. Penta's Photos are posted!

Irish Road Rover at Portland, Maine

Photos #14-21 of the start of the race were by Lisa Despres

All the other photos were by David C. Young

Photos by Don Penta will be posted sometime next week

or see coolrunning


Saturday, March 4, 2006