Wednesday, May 31, 2006

July 4th 1972 at Dexter, Maine Road Race

Dexter Road Race Winners

Mike Dubay 19 of Dexter 3rd

David Colby Young 19 of Dexter 2nd  (and oldest finisher)

Jeff Humphrey age 17 of Sangerville overall winner

MTC Track Workout May 30, 2006 at ELHS Auburn

Monday, May 29, 2006

Snowy Egert 5K for the Marsh on 29 May 2006

Don Penta's photos have been added, I hope you will enjoy both collections.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

MTC Pineland Farms 50K & 25K Trail Challenge

Photos Courtesy of David Colby Young


see also

See also Photos selected and posted on another running web site in Maine. I notice that it states "photos are courtesy of David Colby Young & Don Penta"  Now just who are these two men who have nothing better ro do than stamd around for six hours taking photos on a hot day in May? Please take a look.


Pineland Farms 50K & 25K Trail Challenge

Photos Courtesy of Don Penta of the Maine Track Club

The 50K race started first and the 25K race start a few hours later

so there were 50K & 25K runners on the course at the same time.

Photos are not in order in all cases.

First 123 photo taken with Don Penta's digital camera

Next 36 photos mixed of both 25K & 50K

Next 37 photos 50K start followed by 36 photos of 25K start

Next 182 Photos mostly 25K finishers

Next First finishers

Next 50 finishers & awards

See also


Friday, May 26, 2006

YMCA Back Bay 5K Portland, Maine

Photos by David Colby Young to be posted soon.


Photos were up and posted  Friday night (26 May 2006) before the results were posted in coolrunning. Yes, this race was held on Friday 26 May 2006.

The results were posted sometine on 28 May 2006.

reposted later, new link:

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Photos by Penta of the 15K & Sugarloaf Marathon

This is only a start of  the photos Don Penta took of the 15K & Marathon.

More will be posted by the end of the month of May

Sugarloaf Marathon Photos

Don Penta will have some photos of both the 15k & Marathon finishers


I have photos a few photos twice. I will delete the extras as I have time.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sea Dog Mother's Day 5K

Start of 5K,

Finishers 1 to 109,  39 to 98,  152 to 252,  278 to 362,  421 to 527,  602 to 710,  734 to 827, 799 to 856,  860 to 922


I am missing a few of the photos, they will be psted as soon as I ID which ones were not uploaded.

Sea Dog Mother's Day Kids Fun Run

Photos posted taken by Don Penta

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sea Dog Mother's Day 5K Race

At least a few photos by David Colby Young will be posted same day as race.

Look for Don P Penta's photos to be posted with in seven days of the event.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Danville, Maine's 3rd Brick & Rail 10K Road Race

Morin Brick Yard's  3rd Danville Brick & Rail 10K Road Race 20 Sept 1986
"Race Director, David Colby Young"

1 T J Longaore M23 0:34:46
2 Gary Weber M40's 0:36:22
3 John Kelsey M40's 0:37:30
4 Robert Marquis M48 0:38:06
5 Joe Meehan M30's 0:38:20
6 Jake Ulrich M18-29 0:38:22
7 Jerry Graves M30's 0:39:22
8 Dick Cummings M40's 0:40:54
9 Robert Pressey M30's 0:41:12
10 Donald McGilvery M30's 0:41:31
11 John Belanger M30's 0:42:10
12 Carlton Mendall M64 0:42:39
13 Peter Sinnott M40 0:42:44
14 Hugh Short M50+ 0:42:46
15 David Trussell M40's 0:42:53
16 David P. Benn M41 0:43:10
17 Walter DeVault M56 0:43:12
18 Jerry Saint Amand M40's 0:44:10
19 Kevin Winsor M30's 0:44:29
20 Charle Gordon M30's 0:45:29
21 Wamda Sanville F25 0:46:04
22 William Donavan M44 0:46:44
23 San Struzynki M30's 0:47:19
24 Laurent Gilbert M40's 0:47:32
25 Mark Alex M26 0:48:45
26 Andrae DeMars F22 0:48:55
27 David Spencer M17 0:49:42
28 Albert Giasson M67 0:51:55
29 Henry Trask M50+ 0:52:11
30 Maurice Bolduc M40's 0:52:42
31 Steve Jones M30's 0:53:45
32 unknown data missing 0:53:52
  This race was held in 1983 & 1984 but not in 1985.

Bob Melaragno & Dan Campbell of Auburn, Maine were the Co-ordinators & Directors of the events held in 1983 & 1984

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mark Goettel of Cumberland, Maine

Mark Goettel, 37, of Cumberland, Maine, finished 56th in 34:25. in B to B in 2004

"I think that Mark Goettel's time in the Back Cove Weekly 5K of 05/10/06
was a typo and his correct time was 17:37, as listed in the Portland Press Herald."
Don P. Penta

Back Cove Weekly 5K Portland, ME, May 10, 2006 Overall

1. Mark Goettel 17:37  (Early results have been corrected)
2. Blain Moore 18:10
3. Phil Durusso 18:25
4. ANthony Bendle 18:48
5. Dave Roberts 19:50
6. Paul Hawks 21:00
7. Rob Woodman 22:02
8. Sam Merril 23:14
9. Michael Beaudoin 23:18
10. Harry Center 23:57
11. Pete Kenney 25:44
12. Jeff Kenney 28:26
13. Joe Kenney 28:28
14. Dave Burns 28:37
15. Greg Kesich 29:19
16. Janice Gagnier 30:35
17. Terry Bickford 30:44
18. Dale Lincoln 41:01



Tuesday, May 9, 2006

4th Annual Fryeburg Academy Black Fly Family Festival


See link above for more information.  We will post photos if the 5K foot race if  we are sent some.  The race will be held on Sat May 13, 2006

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Boothbay Region YMCA's Rocky Coast 10K Race & Fun Run

Photos taken by DC Young.  As you will see that some of the photos are better than others.  This time I did not delete the bad ones. All photos have been included.

Regional Special Olympics at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

Photos taken on Friday May 5, 2006 at the Bates Track in Lewiston, Maine

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Maine Track Club Workout at ELHS at Auburn

Guy Merrill was also at the work out and another person who I will recall his name a little later.  We all did two miles of speed work out on the track of 400 meters & 800 meters.  We all did at least a one mile warm up and a few laps to cool down.

David C. Young lead the group in stretches with lots of coaching from the group.

We all had a great time hope our fair weather friends will join us next Tuesday as soon as we can make sure just where that will be.


Mike Brooks is in NY State doing some Six Day race. Go to his web page on the MTC web site to see what he is doing this week. (April 30 to May 6th)


You can see him and the other runners in this event at

There are photos of Mike at both web links.