Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Day Before the Maine Marathon

Run for the Children 5K at Gorham, Maine

Run for the Children 5K USM /Gorham, ME, September 30, 2006 Overall Results

If we get any photos we will post them.

Eliot Days 5k Road Race

I only took a few pre-race photos.  Most of the photos posted here will be by Don Penta of the Maine Track Club.  Don Penta's photo were added on Oct 9, 2006.

Photos from (24-141)  were taken from film converted to CD's  (Penta Photos)

Images from 141-281 are from a flash card so they should be in order. (Penta Photos)

two more photos found & added taken before the start of the race

Friday, September 29, 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Don Penta's View of the CELT Challenge Sprint Triathlon

Photo are posted. Thank you, Don Penta!

Banger cops Woolwich race Aug 2006

Banger cops Woolwich race

WOOLWICH — The first Woolwich Day Six-Mile Road Race was held on Saturday with 12 runners competing in the first-year event.

Jeff Banger of Woolwich was the top finisher with a time of 42:02. Banger was followed by John Mosher of Bath (42:52), Andrew Reeves of Bath (42:57), Jake McNeill of Bath (44:41) and Kory Scarponi of Bath (46:19).

Other competitors included Craig Robison of Wiscasset (47:02), Duane Hinds of Bath (47:29), Eric Mosher of Bath (52:12), Hans Van Willigen of Woolwich (56:12), Rudy Guliani of West Bath (1:00:39), Joy Guliani of West Bath (1:01:01) and Lance Guliani of West Bath (1:01:04). Joy Guliani was the top — and lone — female runner.

The 29th annual Phippsburg Firemen's Road Race 2006

It's Ben Dear again in Phippsburg
Washington state resident wins 29th annual Phippsburg Firemen's Road race.

PHIPPSBURG — The 29th annual Phippsburg Firemen's Road Race was held Sunday and won by defending champ Ben Dear of Washington state. Dear, 18, won for the second straight year in 32:28 to beat out Rich Larsen (38:28). First woman was Alison Wade (44:27) and the first fireman Chris Rice (54:38).

Thirty-five runners competed. In the one-mile Fun Run, 8-year-old Dillon Doughty won in 8:50, followed by Ellis Hemingway (8:57). The first girl was 6-year-old Theresa Noonan, who finished in 9:10.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

6th Annual Great Confluence Race 18 Nov 2006

18 Nov 2006 in Brunswick, Maine

Trekkers 10K, 5K & 1 Mile Run/Walk

Oct 28, 2006 at Thomaston Town Landing

8:00 am

Race strat 8:30 am


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006 ::: Cape Elizabeth Maine: CELT Challenge Triathlon:

79 Photos courtesy of Beth Rand of Cape Elizabeth, Maine posted.

We will try to ID as many as we can before Oct 1, 2006.

We will work on it.

Monday, September 25, 2006

NO Early Group Run at Pineland Sunday Oct 1, 2006

Hi all,
No planned run from Pineland this coming Sunday as most everyone will be racing somewhere. 
Good luck to all running in the Maine Marathon or 1/2.  Hope to see many of your there!  And a special good luck to Joan Lavin who is heading to upstate NY for the Wineglass Marathon!
Maureen Sproul
Group Underwriting Specialist
207-575-**** phone
207-575-***** fax

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

57th Old Town  Invitational Cross Country Meet - 9/23/2006

57th Old Town  Invitational Cross Country Meet - 9/23/2006 :

These Photos are courtesy of  Sports Photographer, Mary Ann Y. Tardif, of  Caribou, Maine.


Other Photos Courtesy of the Sub5 web site

57th Old Town Invitational Cross Country Meet - 9/23/2006

57th Old Town Sectional - 9/23/2006
                                    Invitational Cross Country Meet
                                        at Old Town High School

Event 4  Boys 3.1 Mile Run CC VARSITY
      Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
    1 Casey Quaglia             SR Bangor High School     16:18.6    1
    2 Sam Sheehan               SR Caribou High School    16:19.7    2
    3 Riley Masters             JR Bangor High School     17:12.1    3
    4 Spencer McElwain          JR Caribou High School    17:24.8    4
    5 Evan Taylor               FR Brewer High School     17:30.3    5
    6 Travis Blackmer           JR Brewer High School     17:30.7    6
    7 Stefan Ciszewski          SR Caribou High School    17:43.1    7
    8 Drew Freme                SR Caribou High School    17:48.2    8
    9 Matthieu Nadeau              Orono High School      18:16.2    9
   10 Stephen Salinas           SO Bangor High School     18:16.3   10
   11 Brandon Paul                 Orono High School      18:32.7   11
   12 Paul Holyoke              JR Brewer High School     18:36.4   12
   13 Jordan Powers             JR Caribou High School    18:40.4   13
   14 David Falls               JR Old Town H.S. XC       18:41.2   14
   15 Robert Haskell            SO MDI                    18:44.7   15
   16 Steven Melbourne          SO Caribou High School    18:49.4   16
   17 Tucker Smith              SO MDI                    18:50.3   17
   18 Aaron Putnam              SR Old Town H.S. XC       18:52.0   18
   19 Branden Mountain          JR Bangor High School     18:52.7   19
   20 Greg O'Donnell            FR Hampden Academy        18:54.8   20
   21 Stevie Applebee           JR Bangor High School     18:56.9   21
   22 Aaron McCollough          SR Hampden Academy        18:58.7   22
   23 Kyle Holyoke              FR Brewer High School     19:06.2   23
   24 Matt Macone               JR Hampden Academy        19:08.8   24
   25 Andrew Willey                John Bapst             19:11.1   25
   26 Mike Sekera                  John Bapst             19:16.1   26
   27 Kevin Brown               JR Hampden Academy        19:16.6   27
   28 Collin Popper             FR Bangor High School     19:18.3   28
   29 Andrew Brown              SO Hampden Academy        19:19.1   29
   30 Wesley Price              SR Hampden Academy        19:20.3   30
   31 Josh Tardif               SR Caribou High School    19:23.3   31
   32 Andrew Cote               FR Brewer High School     19:26.8   32
   33 Ethan Evans               JR Hampden Academy        19:31.5   33
   34 Brandon Lawrence          SO Brewer High School     19:37.1   34
   35 Jae Bradley                  Orono High School      19:40.5   35
   36 Nick Christie                John Bapst             19:44.3   36
   37 Emmett Harrity               Orono High School      19:46.5   37
   38 Troy York                    Schenck High School    19:50.3   38
   39 Joel Parent               SR Bangor High School     19:53.3   39
   40 Michael Rioux                Stearns High School    19:55.3
   41 Zach Glover                  John Bapst             20:05.2   40
   42 Nate Lesser                  John Bapst             20:11.3   41
   43 Matt Howe                 JR Presque Isle           20:14.3   42
   44 Derek Whited                 John Bapst             20:29.0   43
   45 Ryan Asselin                 John Bapst             20:29.6   44
   46 Philip Grindle            JR Piscataquis Comm HS    20:38.1
   47 Paul Burnell              SO MDI                    20:38.7   45
   48 Patrick Egenhofer            Orono High School      20:47.1   46
   49 Alec Rose                    Orono High School      20:56.1   47
   50 Jason Johnson             SO Presque Isle           20:58.1   48
   51 Justin Hazlett               Hermon High School     20:59.6
   52 Alex Woychik              SO MDI                    21:30.5   49
   53 Nick Sosa                 SO MDI                    21:35.6   50
   54 Zachary Moeller           SO Old Town H.S. XC       21:51.5   51
   55 Joey Johnson              SR Presque Isle           21:53.0   52
   56 Trey Pomerleau            JR Piscataquis Comm HS    22:03.9
   57 Nathan Cronkite           JR Presque Isle           22:04.5   53
   58 Andrew Jackson            SR Old Town H.S. XC       22:11.4   54
   59 Tom Barnes                SR Presque Isle           22:31.6   55
   60 Benjamin Richard          SR Old Town H.S. XC       22:50.8   56
   61 Joshua Fritch                Schenck High School    22:51.0   57
   62 Justin Dunifer               Hermon High School     24:57.6
   63 Jerome York                  Schenck High School    25:46.6   58
   64 Thomas Cote                  Schenck High School    27:25.1   59
   65 Christopher Jacobs           Schenck High School    29:05.1   60
   66 Travis McCaffery             Schenck High School    29:34.0   61

Friday, September 22, 2006

Don Penta's View of the Portland Trail 10K Race

Photos may not be in order as they are from three or more cameras.

Dear David,

I took the "Start" photos and then took the Narrow Gauge train back to the finish line. I realized that I left your Sony package behind a large rock near the start line.
So I rushed back to the start area on foot with my Nikon F-100 and picked up your Sony package. By that time, the first finishers caught up to me and I took photos of them with my Nikon F-100 with 28 to 105 mm zoom, my usual camera for shooting larger groups of runners. Fortunately, I accosted a lady on roller-blades and asked her to return your package back to the finish line before you finished. She did.
Usually my photos of "first finishers" are taken with my F-90-X and 180 mm lens. I took the F-100 with zoom lens because it is a lighter package. Unfortunately I only took one roll of film with me when I picked up your package. When I got back to the finish line I started shooting with my 180 telephoto until the pack thickened. I also shot about 40 digital photos with my D-100.
Take care,

September 13, 2006 Presque Isle, Caribou, Madawaska, Greater Houlton Christian, Fort Kent, Limestone

September 13, 2006 Presque Isle, Caribou, Madawaska, Greater Houlton Christian, Fort Kent, Limestone/MSSM: Girls - Boys - Team Scores Presque Isle

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Craig Cup Race #2 (9-20-2006)

Last three photos  #37, 38 & 39 are the results of the race.

MDI High School X-C Relays 9-16-06

Photos courtesy of Maty Ann Y Tardif of Caribou, Maine

Monday, September 18, 2006

Maine Marathon Meeting 9-6-06

Maine Marathon Meeting to plan the event to be held Oct 1, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

6th Annual Ogunquit Beach Lobster Dash Five Miler

 This is a race with NO HILLS. Run on wet sand.

This race was a MVS event and/or at least strongly supported by the MVS running club.  They will likely have some report posted on their web space in a few weeks.


The race starts at low tide.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dan Cardillo 5K Falmouth, Maine 09-10-06

Photos by Don Penta

More photos added 9-18-06

Post Race Party at Dan & Mindy Levesque's

Erik Boucher's View of the Back Cove 5K

Monday, September 11, 2006

2006 Cross Country Schedule Maine Association of USA Track and Field

2006 Cross Country Schedule Maine Association of USA Track and Field


Preliminary Meets

            Sunday, Oct 15

            Smiling Hill Farm, County Rd, Westbrook

            Ron Kelly-883-2747


            Sunday, Oct. 22

           University of Maine-Augusta

           Taylor Harmon  622-3229


            Sunday, Oct. 29

           Smiling Hill Farm, County Rd, Westbrook

           Ron Kelly  883-2747


           Sunday, Nov. 5

          University of Maine-Augusta

          Taylor Harmon   622-3229


State Championship

Sunday,  Nov. 12

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Maine Sr. Games at Portland, Maine 9-9-2006

It was a hot day to day in Portland, Maine at the Sr. Games.Track & Field

2006 Results:

See 2005 Photos & results of  Maine finishers

Sorry it will be a few more days before we have all the results for 2006.


David C Young

North Yarmouth Mile 09-09-2006

Don Penta of the Maine Track Club took photos.

Pre-half mile race & half mile photos (1-38)

Mile Photos will be posted when we get them.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Monmouth Mustang Stamped 15K 9-3-06


Photos Courtesy of  Don P. Penta of the Maine Track Club


Looks like all the runners have photos taken of them as they near the finish line..

Penta's Photo of the Hall of Fame 5K


Craig Cup Race #1 View of Don Penta

held 8-30-06 photos are posted

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Weekly Back Cove Photos 08-16-2006

Don Penta's finish line photos of the Back Cove 5K held 08-16-2006

Weekly Back Cove 5K 8-16-2006

Don Penta's photos of  Weekly Back Cove Race held 08-16-2006 with camera #1

Pre race

Start of  Race


Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Caribou, Maine Labor Day 8K

Photos by Mary Ann Y.Tardif of Caribou, Maine

Friday, September 1, 2006

Photos of the Maine Running Hall of Fame 5K

Don Penta may have some Pre & Post photos of the race but he was needed as a volunteers to give splits at mile two during the race. So very few race photos if any to be posted of this race.  When we get Don Penta's photos of this event we will share them with you. I was glad to see him standing there.  I knew I had just about a mile to go as I past him at mile two.  He called out 13: (something) which gave me hope I was about to get my fastest 5K for 2006 running around the Back Cove in Portland, Maine.  This is not a PR course and I believe getting under 21:00 is a PR for me for 2006.

Don Penta's View of the LA Bridge 5K Race 27 Aub 2006

John Keeley gets Roaster Run Birthday party

Breakaway 5K

Weekly Back Cove 5K held 8-30-2006

Photos by Erik Boucher